Sunday, November 27, 2011

Running Swing OSGi applications under Mac OS X

Circumventing the problem and running Swing OSGi applications on Mac OS X

Some people has faced with problems when trying to run a Java Swing application under Mac OS X. This short article will explain how to solve this.

The community discussed in some sites about the problem of running Swing OSGi app under Mac OS X:

After reading the posts of the Eclipse Equinox commiters, and noticed that this doesn't happens in other operation systems,  we can conclude this is a problem of the Mac OS X JVM implementation. While we don't have no solution, the work around to this problem seems to be quite simple. Just add the argument "--launcher.secondThread"  remove the "wsargument (if there is) and your Swing application will run perfectly. 

Example of the arguments configured on the Eclipse IDE


  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard 
  • Eclipse Equinox 3.5

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